The Crop Insurance System

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There Are 3 Main Components to the Federal Crop Insurance Program

1. The Federal Crop Insurance system is a private/public partnership.  It is overseen by The Federal Crop Insurance Corporation (FCIC).  The FCIC is a wholly owned government corporation managed by the United States Department of Agriculture’s Risk management Agency (RMA).  The Federal Crop Insurance Corporation manages the Federal Crop Insurance Program, which provides U.S. farmers and agricultural entities with crop insurance protection.   The Risk Management Agency approves policies, creates rules, sets price elections and premium rates.   The USDA also provides a premium subsidy to help make premiums affordable for the grower.


2. Large Private Insurance Companies (Approved Insurance Providers or AIPs) manage the policies.  The AIPs are the Insurers.  They employ the adjusters, underwriters, etc.  They collect the premiums and the pay losses.  These companies specialize in Crop Insurance and are subject to the rules set by the FCIC.  Your policy is placed with one of these insurers the same way your home or auto insurance is placed with a private property and casualty Insurer.


3. Your Insurance agent is your link to the Crop Insurance System.  Crop Insurance is only available from private insurance agents. All agents are licensed by state and receive federally mandated training.   All prices are set by the RMA so prices are the same from agent to agent.    For this reason an agency’s goal will be to provide you with the best knowledge and service available.  Your agent will know how crop insurance works and explain the policies to you.  They will send out policy reminders, stay current with changes, and be available for you throughout the year.



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 Crop insurance has always been our Agency’s full-time job.  We all have a deep dedication to the growers of our region. That dedication is at the core of our agency’s commitment to provide the best service possible to the agricultural community. 

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